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Dear Readers,
those of you who know Jennifer Marguerite Toal/Nolan know that she has prosecuted a campaign of crimes against me, he ex-husband, Peter Andrew of the Nolan family, for a period of 2.5 years now.

All through that time I have conversed privately with her father and offered the hand of love and peace such that the damage that Jennifer was doing could be minimised. In November 2007, as part of a peaceful settlement, I offered a roughly 2/3 to 1/3 split to Jennifer which included the maximum awardable child support in Australia. In talking with Bill and Jarrod this offer was deemed 'more than generous' by both Bill and Jarrod on the basis that Jennifer had refused to work, against my non-consent, for 14 years of the 18 years marriage. Further, I paid the vast majority of expenses for Kristen and Jarrod and raised them as my own as best I knew how. Let's not mention I renovated two houses with the skills taught me by my Uncle Lorry while Jennifer sat on her arse and did bugger all. Ok? We WON'T mention that pretty much ALL the assets of the marriage came from the sweat of my brow. That would just look tacky, right?

Bill and Jarrod proposed to Jennifer to take this generous offer.

Jennifer spurned that offer and took the proceedings hostile. I was very frustrated at this as I had hoped to put the children through the best college in Dublin and not have them work during their studies as I had to do. The average cost of a contested divorce in Ireland is EUR150K ($A225K) and that meant that the money to put the children through college would be spent on liars/lawyers and not on my former children. She took the proceedings hostile by commiting many counts of perjury including false allegations of adultery, domestic abuse, abandonment, and being a poor father to my former children. Bill Toal and Jarrod Robinson were so incredulous that Jennifer would be lying in court that they refused to believe me. I emailed them the documents signed by Jennifer. In return Jennifers lawyers and the Irish Judge threatened to throw me in jail for giving documents to 'un-related third parties'. Funny. I would have thought a father and a son were related.

Those of you who know me know what my response to the judge was. I told my lawyer to telling him 'go f*** yourself I will talk to whoever I want to'. I doubt my lawyer passed that on. BOTH my lawyers threated to drop my case if I continued to email Bill/Jennifer. That was part of tipping me off they were both criminal scumbags. After all the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights says I can talk to whoever I want. When I asked them if they felt that Australia or Irish legislation over-rode the UNs Universal Declaration of Human Rights their tone changed. But they had given the game away that they were scumbag liars.

I will be posting the lies and perjury Jennifer has committed with the obvious personal details removed of course. That didn't seem to bother Jennifer and her lawyers as they faxed many court documents (remember, they had threatened to throw me in jail for giving them to her father and son) to the central fax number of my largest client which was visible by ALL 30 employees of the company. When I asked for the Judge to be charged over a clear breech of my right to privacy I was told 'you can not charge judges'. Really? All men are equal before the law. This was simply an effort to extort money from me by trying to damage my business to get money out of me. Jennifer succeeded in having the criminal scumbag Judge Griffin in Ireland freeze my personal and company accounts while demanding money. Duh? How do you get money when your accounts are frozen. Jennifer destroyed my company by having the bank account frozen for nigh on 2 years. But she'll tell you that it was me who 'ruined' it. Really? I asked for the freeze order on the company? I will produce the lawyers invoices and the details of which where I attempted to remove her from our company so I could keep it going.

So yes. Jennifer is such a liar and a hypocrite that she did not want her own father and son to see these documents but was happy to put them onto a fax machine that went to a PDF file for all the employees of  my client to see. Talk about a typical hypocritical woman.

Despite my emailing Bill Toal consistently these last two years Bill has spurned all efforts at settling this matter in an honourable and amicable fashion. Bill and Irene, as well as Kristen and Jarrod, have collaborated and conspired to support Jennifer in committing crimes against me. The net result of the criminal scumbags called the 'Australian Legal Fraternity' was that the proceeds of my 25 years of labour turned out to be about MINUS $A60K. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite being one of the most successful businessmen ever to come out of MAHS I was 'generously awarded' a mere 5% of the proceeds of my labour while Jennfier was awared 95%. A clear case of crime for which David Dunkley will pay. My liars/lawyers fees, before I knew they were all criminal scumbags, were about $A80K. So, after being 'generously awarded' a mere $A21K from my assets my overall position was MINUS about $A60K give or take some change.

THAT is what you married men have to look forward to with the criminal scumbags in the legal fraternity. The scumbag criminals in the legal fraternity did that just to try to make it harder for me to bring them to justice. Well? They failed. And I expect men like YOU, dear reader, to take severe exception to the fact that the Family Law is actually unlawful and that your lawyers, magistrates and judges are criminal scumbags. On my site I will post the transcript of David Dunkley saying 'talk of inalienable rights is a nonsense'. He means YOUR right to life, liberty and property. He means the right to right to life, liberty and property of YOUR loved ones. The video of this has been with Kevin Rudd and Robert McClelland for 6 months now. Nothing was done so they are guilty of treason.

As a law-abiding man I have determined that ALL those who committed crimes against me will be brought to trial before a common law court. A common law court is a 'peoples court' and has superior recognition in law than the corrupt 'Family Court' and 'Australian Federal Magistrates Court'. And if you, dear reader, do not think these courts are corrupt I have news for you.

I have charged the criminal scumbags calling themselves Louise Henderson and David Dunkley (also masquerading as Federal Court Magistrates) with common law theft. Since they have not defended these charges they have accepted them as proven and declared themselves guilty. I will be forming courts to issue remedy statements against these criminal scumbags as well.

But. Back to Jennifer and her crimes. Jennifer committed, and has accepted she commited, the crimes of:
  • Perjury
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • Theft

I shall be placing her before a court in Irleand, in front of 12 men (women failed the challenge to try her justly) and those 12 men will define what remedy she is to pay for the crimes she has committed. My commitment is that NO MAN can be given more severe remedy than is delivered to Jennifer. Jennifer is going to the be the Irish Test Case for women being truely 'equal'. As in 'equal before the law'. We shall see how she likes that.

On this site I am disseminating information publicly as to her crimes. The criminal scumbags in the Family Courts in Ireland are also derelict in their duties. Judge Griffin is going to face a common law court in Ireland as well. In the absence of the delegated authorities I will convene my own court.

However, there is the issue of the fact that a lying criminal, that being Jennifer Toal, is roaming the streets of Dublin and, presumably occasionally Wagga Wagga, and the members of those communities have every right to know she is lying criminal and NOT the poor innocent victim she makes herself out to be.

I have spent 2.5 years at a personal cost of about EUR300K to progress this case. The reason I am doing this is that the so called 'Legal System' is a criminal cartel. The result of which is that many tens of thousands of men kill themselves from the crimes committed against them by their faithless, cruel, vicious and vindictive wives coupled with the criminal scumbags in the family court.

When I was subject to that same abuse I spent a month suicidal. On recovery from my suicidal state I took a vow that I was going to save one mans life. On being very successful there I took a vow that I would introduce 'fair laws in Australia' over the divorce process. Well? I have been remarkably successful there too. All the way, women have made all efforts to demonise and villify me. NOT ONE woman has deemed the deaths of an estimated 4,000 men a year in Australia from the abuse of the Family Courts and women important enough to actually help me. That single fact alone disgusts me.

I am now in a position to bring Jennifer Toal/Nolan to justice. By doing so I will create the template for ALL MEN who have had crimes committed against them by their faithless, cruel, vicious and vindictive wives coupled with the criminal scumbags in the family court to justice. No man who wishes justice will be left behind.

I am also bringing out a book that will bring justice to men in marriage and co-habitation. Something that has been conspicuously absent for a long time now.  Men have been dragged out of their homes in their hundreds of thousands in Australia on the word of lying woman who is not punished for her infringement of the mans rights. This is about to change, as it should. I too was badly injured in my kidnapping and incarceration by the criminals known as police officers on the basis of a false allegation by Jennifer. An allegation she admitted was false. An allegation made over an incident at which BOTH Kristen and Jarrod were present. Too many men have had their right to liberty violated by women who tell lies to the police to get their husbands arrested to 'teach them who is boss around here'. Who is boss around here, in Australia, in the future, will be the man of the house.

To any woman who complains? F*** off. I am not interested in the comments of ANY women.Women  have been asked for 2.5 years to assist stop the needless deaths of tens of thousands of men. They ALL refused. You women can stand back and see what condoning perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft gets you. ANY WOMAN who attempts to impede my progress in this activity will be charged with obstructing a peace officer in the course of his duty as well as attempting to pervert the cause of justice.

ANY WOMAN who gets in my way will be facing a jury trial of 12 men to determine if you have committed a crime. You can 'get on board' or 'stand aside'.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)
Human Being. All rights reserved. Waiving None.
Secured Party and Primary Creditor for Juristic Person

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